Relationship Mechanix and Bridge Builders Mediation


Our whole life is a combination of relationships,  with other people, our environment, money and a whole range of things.   When these relationships go awry, life becomes complicated.


Relationship Mechanix offers a range of services to help keep these relationships working smoothly.


Mediation  - Bridge Builders Mediation offers services to help resolve Family and business disputes or negotiations


Counselling - One-on-one, couples or groups counselling


Life Coaching


This is a specialised counselling service designed to help individuals set goals and develop the strategies and discipline required to achieve them.  It usually takes the form of an initial consultation with follow-up reporting by the client as to the day-to-day progress.

Please contact Graeme Urlich at or phone 027-498 6839 to discuss your particular needs.

Graeme has been working in the area of alternative dispute resolution and counselling for over 10 years and is an accredited member of LEADR (Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolution.