Fisherman Kids need a Dad who WON’T DUCK THE HARD QUESTIONS
Kids need a Dad who KEEPS HIS COOL
Kids need a Dad who SAYS ‘YES’ MORE THAN ‘NO’
Kids need a Dad who MAKES TIME

Shore Fathers has no interest in the gender or political games that are played in and around the Family Court. We do not engage in or endorse the disruptive and abusive protest actions of some other fathers groups. We are totally independent of any other groups and political parties and we have no other agenda than helping families find resolution for the problems that they are facing and encouraging the role of fathers.

Shore Fathers is a voluntary, community based, non-profit group dedicated to promoting the role of the Father in the family, whatever the family unit. We focus not only on the "Father figure", but also on the children, providing help for all areas of childcare, from infants to teenagers.

Membership is open to anyone who is a Father; be they married, single, partnered, primary caregiver, non-primary caregiver, Stepfather, or a Father in any other form.

Shore Fathers is constantly working with the Family Court to provide services to comfort, support and educate fathers in their time of need and we have developed several programmes to reinforce our aims.

These programmes include:
Protection Orders: Information for Respondents
Separating Parents Survival Kit
Sample Parenting Plan
Access & Care Information
Counselling & Mediation Services
Access Supervision Services
Information and Support (McKenzie Friend) for Self Defending in Family Court
Reading Resources
Legal Resources
Support Services