Being served with protection orders is frightening and will probably cause feelings of grief for the loss of contact with your children and anger towards your ex partner/spouse for "doing this to you".

Regardless of the orders being justified or not, it is important to comply with them and use the proper channels to deal with the issue. Talking to someone who can listen objectively and advise you on the most effective way to deal with the situation is vitally important for both yourself and your children.

Often the orders are served at a time when your legal representative is not available to assist. Please contact Shore Fathers for free advice and support.

Here are a few things you need to know about Protection Orders, as you are the Respondent.

Do you understand what ‘RESPONDENT’ means?

Your ex-partner has issued a Protection Order against you.

This is because they feel threatened by some of your recent

This may have included:    Emotional and/or psychological abuse
Sexual abuse
Threats of violence
Physical violence

The following are some points you need to seriously consider the Protection Order, or have someone explain it to you.

1.    A Protection Order is a very powerful Court Order, and as such you need to fully understand what your rights are and what you can, and cannot, do.
2. Get GOOD legal advice – this is one of those times when you need expert legal advice.If you do not know any lawyers, refer the attached resource guide, you can contact your local Citizen Advice Bureau or the Family Court for some local lawyers.
3. STOP and THINK before you do anything rash.
4. The Protection Order you have just received is a ‘Temporary’, or ‘Interim’, order – you do have options – but there are time limits.
5. Talk to the people at the Family Court about your Order.
6. STAY AWAY from you ex-partner and children.
7. There is to be NO CONTACT between you and your ex-partner, or you and your children.
      'NO CONTACT’ includes: No telephone calls
No e-mails
No Faxes
No dropping in for a visit
No going to the school
No sending Birthday cards, or Christmas gifts
No going to places where you know they will be (i.e. shopping malls, sports games, extended family events, churches etc)

If you breach this order, you are liable to be arrested.

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