Download a sample Parenting Plan (Microsoft Word Format)

Parenting Plans

After couples have made the decision to split up, or it has been forced upon them, the highest priority needs to be organising the lives of any children involved.

It is important for parents to realise that they must now organise their lives in such a way as to maximise opportunities for the children even if it means making sacrifices in their own lives. The children come first and such things as work or social lives need to be organised around the children's needs. It is important that both parents work cooperatively to do this effectively.

A very useful tool to help organise the children's lives in a way that shares the important dates during the year is a written parenting plan. It's best if both parents can organise one between them but often this is not possible. If there is dispute between the parents and the Family Court is involved, a written parent plan is very useful to help identify issues concerning the children and focus attention on resolving those rather than the adult issues of personality and hurt etc.

The downloadable word document is a sample parenting plan that includes a wide range of dates and issues that may need to be discussed. It should be edited as required for your specific situation and is intended purely as a template. Please email Shore Fathers if you find errors in the document or have suggestions about what could be added or modified in the document.